Oxfordshire County Council is the first local authority to join Bioregional’s new One Planet Cities project. The project will bring together four cities or city-regions in four different countries across the world to create sustainability action plans - helping them move towards a greener, healthier future, where everyone enjoys a good quality of life.

Through the project, Oxfordshire County Council and Bioregional Oxfordshire will invite partners to come together to create a ‘One Planet’ action plan for the county. The process will be supported by 24 local organisations, including businesses, schools and community groups.

The plan will draw on existing sustainability initiatives to ensure joined-up action across the county. The local organisations will also write their own sustainability plans to help support the wider vision.

All participating organisations will use ten simple principles to create these plans, from health and happiness and sustainable food to zero carbon energy. These ‘One Planet Principles’, developed by Bioregional, provide a common language to talk about sustainability and to drive change.

Nicole Lazarus, Bioregional Oxfordshire’s Manager, says: “There are already so many amazing sustainability initiatives in Oxfordshire, from the NW Bicester eco-town to the OxFutures programme. With the help of this project, Oxfordshire is set to become a model of positive sustainable change that the rest of the UK – and the rest of the world – can learn from. We are very excited to be involved.”

Councillor Yvonne Constance from Oxfordshire County Council said “I am excited about this project which will help to highlight and connect all the work going on across our county on this important issue. The framework highlights the importance of economic, social and environmental sustainability.”

Nigel Tipple, Chief Executive of OxLEP, says: “We are delighted to support this important programme, working in collaboration with our partners.

“Engaging people in the environment and enabling more sustainable lifestyles is a priority within our Strategic Environmental and Economic Investment Plan. Sustainability is also a theme which runs right through our Strategic Economic Plan, and will be further strengthened in our emerging Local Industrial Strategy.”

Through the One Planet Cities project, Bioregional is creating an international network of cities and communities all working to accelerate the change needed to achieve happy and prosperous lives for all within the limits of our one planet.

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