Creating happier, healthier, more liveable cities

Bioregional has galvanised collaborative action by local councils, businesses, schools and community groups in towns and cities across Canada, Denmark, South Africa, Russia, Brazil and the UK, helping to make them better places to live.

From health and happiness to zero carbon energy, the One Planet Living principles have been used in each location. They provide a common language to engage a wide range of stakeholders in sustainability, win hearts and minds, and drive change.

Four One Planet Communities, four footprints


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Four very different communities sharing a journey to sustainability have had their ecological footprints measured, compared and contrasted. Find out more in this report from Bioregional

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One Planet Cities impact

The One Planet Cities

With an 'on-the-ground' partner leading the work in each location, a group of stakeholders has come together to co-create a sustainability plan using One Planet Living. These are

7.8 million people are now living in 25 towns, cities or city-regions using One Planet Living

Bioregional has trained hundreds of stakeholders in these towns and cities in how to use One Planet Living

More than 100 One Planet Living action plans have been created so far

Join our international network
Through our work with towns and cities, we have created an international network of knowledge-sharing designed to help accelerate change across the world.

If your town or city is using One Planet Living and would like to join our international network, we’d love to hear from you. You will gain:

  • support on how to use One Planet Living in your area
  • access to limited free One Planet Living training courses
  • invitations to online events and meet-ups
  • opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and networking
  • free resources including case studies, toolkits and training materials

One Planet Living goals and guidance for cities and regions


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This document is for anyone who wants to help their city or region transform into a truly sustainable one

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