Aiming to encourage sustainable growth and boost health and happiness for its residents, Bioregional will support local sustainability organisation Ecobairro to help local stakeholders co-create a district-wide sustainability vision and action plan using the ten simple principles of One Planet Living.

The team at Ecobairro have recently been participating in the Municipalities in Transition programme to create change in their area. As a continuation of that work, Ecobairro will start to use One Planet Living and a collaborative approach to action planning.

The aim is to create a shared One Planet Living vision for the Vila Mariana district – a vision created collaboratively with a range of different stakeholders from across the district, from businesses and not-for-profit organisations to schools, as well as the local council itself.

Once the shared vision has been made, Ecobairro will help stakeholders take action to achieve the vision.

Lara Freitas, Co-founder of Ecobairro Programme said:

“We need the best tools, approaches and the involvement of various stakeholders to leverage effective processes to tackle climate change and to be able to create community resilience generating a better future for all. The One Planet Living methodology is a relevant contribution that adds to the ongoing processes in Vila Mariana.”

Nicole Lazarus, Head of One Planet Living at Bioregional said:

“We are facing a climate and ecological emergency that requires rapid, large-scale action across the globe. Local and regional place-based action has a major part to play in tackling the emergency – be it in districts, towns or cities.

“With the tragic Covid-19 impacts unfolding in Brazil right now, it will be vital to build a path to recovery that is both sustainable and inclusive. And so we are delighted to see enthusiasm building for One Planet Living in Vila Mariana. We look forward to supporting Ecobairro and their partners in creating an action plan that sets the district firmly on the path towards a better, more sustainable future.”

With a population of more than 120,000, Vila Mariana joins communities in Canada, Russia, South Africa and the UK who are using the One Planet Living framework to make their cities and regions better places to live, within the limits of our one planet.

Some 7.8 million people are now living in 25 towns, cities or city regions using One Planet Living. Bioregional has trained hundreds of stakeholders in these towns and cities in how to use One Planet Living, with more than 100 One Planet Living action plans created so far.

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