Future visioning

How will you respond to the challenges and opportunities of the future? We can support you with future visioning. 

What will the world look like in future, and will your company or project be able to adapt? We can help you identify emerging global and local trends, build your resilience to new challenges, and seize opportunities as they emerge.

What we do

Trends analysis

We’ll do some research to help you identify key relevant future trends globally and locally – from loss of biodiversity and climate change to a changing retail landscape and the emergence of new technologies.

Future trends workshop

We will run a future visioning workshop with key staff to:

  • explore how future trends will affect your current product and/or services
  • co-create product or service offers to harness these forces for better outcomes.

Future Visions report

We will produce a report for you that captures the research and ideas created in the workshop and presents compelling ways of responding to future trends.

The whole process will aim to harness the insights of relevant staff in thinking about future strategy and identifying how you can address the big issues.

Case study: John Lewis – Bringing the Future to Life

In 2014 John Lewis asked Bioregional to explore ten of the key social, environmental and economic trends that will affect its operations and product offer in 2030. Our resulting report, Bringing the Future to Life, presented a strategic analysis of the partnership’s business operations and customer offer and explored the challenges and opportunities likely to affect its business in 2030. We also suggested some new products and activities to help future-proof the company. Read more here.