This year marks 20 years since the creation of BedZED, the iconic development we initiated at the turn of the millennium, and the UK’s first large-scale mixed-use sustainable community. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, we launched a #BedZEDat20 campaign across our social channels, highlighting why and how BedZED has continued to inspire hearts and minds across the globe.

In the first four weeks, we took a deep dive into BedZED’s history. To understand why BedZED is such a significant development, first we must understand why we need sustainable communities in the first place.

Here’s where the idea for BedZED came from:

How did BedZED transform from a vision into the UK’s first large-scale eco-village? Scroll on to find out...


Over 200 residents now call BedZED home. But there's more to this mixed-use community...

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