“As high school students we have the power to make a change because we're at an age where anything seems possible, including saving the world."

Shayla Rose-Brown, student at Credo High School

Over the last two years, Credo High School has been developing its One Planet Action Plan, detailing how it will move towards One Planet Living. This includes a strong commitment to health and happiness for its students, as well as spreading awareness about sustainability into the wider community and having a positive impact on local nature.

To celebrate Credo’s commitment to One Planet Living, we invited some of its staff and students to share why the framework is important to them and how it is used at the school.

Chip Romer, Executive Director of Credo High School

“Credo High School was founded to inspire, educate, nurture and support young leaders of the future, recognising that they are going to inherit unprecedented challenges as they become adults. Climate change and its related issues are the most urgent areas that Credo graduates will need to address, and we are intentionally doing our best to prepare them for success.

The school was specifically designed to be located within SOMO Village, a One Planet community so that the One Planet Principles will inform our students' developing values during high school. Our expectation is that Credo graduates will then disseminate those principles as they move out into the world.”

Marika Ramsden, One Planet Schools representative for California

“Students today are acutely aware of local and global challenges they will continue to face in their lifetimes. The Credo curriculum supports our students by providing them with the knowledge, practical skills, experience and community connections they need to address these challenges.

By urging students to rethink systems of social inequity and environmental unsustainability and bring forward their own innovative solutions, Credo demonstrates the commitment to create ecoliterate, socially conscious students, eager to engage with the world around them.”

Shayla Rose-Brown, Student

“One Planet Living is important to me because this Earth is the only home we have and so far we haven't done a good job taking care of it. We have the responsibility to make sure that it is a safe place for the many inhabitants today but also for future generations to come. As high school students, we have the power to make a change because we're at an age where anything seems possible including saving the world."

Indika Halferty, Student

"One Planet Living is important in every aspect of our lives, however it's incredibly important to education. The average student spends seven hours a day in class, influenced by the material they are taught which will shape them into the people they will become in the world. Imagine the impact and change there would be if the One Planet mindset was taught in every school in the country.”

Nolan Crichton, Student

“I have a special appreciation for nature, and I want future generations to have the same experience. One Planet Living is very important to Credo and education in general because new generations need to learn what is required to create a sustainable future. One Planet Living at Credo has become a defining aspect of our community, and it shapes the way that students think about the world."

Max Holden, Student

"Our nation’s leaders are not doing enough to protect the planet or promote healthy living. One Planet Living allows us to express how we want our world to be treated, and provides a platform for everyone, from grade school to retirement homes, to take action."

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