As we launch Singita’s One Planet Annual Review 2018/19, we’re sharing some of the sustainability stories emerging from its work. Andrew Nicholson, Executive Group Chef at Singita, shares the thinking behind creating a sustainable food culture.

Singita is a conservation company dedicated to wildlife preservation, community outreach and environmentally conscious hospitality. It’s been using One Planet Living since 2016 to drive its sustainability ambitions.

The time of excuses and compromise is long past, we need to act now.

Chefs have a huge responsibility for sustainable food practices. We need to be addressing wastage, recycling, packaging, local versus imported, as well engaging with our supply chain.

In 2018, I concentrated on rebuilding relationships with our suppliers. Chefs used to go to the market or to the butcher and pick their produce face-to-face. Suppliers would keep their special ingredients for them behind the counter.

This has been lost – but we are bringing it back. We have open discussions with our suppliers when it comes to seasonality, sustainability and local produce. We only deal with suppliers who believe in our goals and are striving to be better.

And we have built a culture in the kitchen where the chefs will constantly be searching for more sustainable products as well as local, seasonal products. They are expected to question everything that they are unsure of.

The time of excuses and compromise is long past, we need to act now.

Learn about how Singita is progressing towards its One Planet Living targets with its One Planet Annual Review 2018/19.

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