One Planet Affordable Living

Bioregional has joined forces with Transition by Design to develop a new approach to building truly affordable, truly sustainable housing.

A multiple crisis in housing

The UK is facing an affordable housing crisis, with the prospect of buying a first home increasingly out of reach, compounded by increasing in-work and fuel poverty.

Linked to this is a crisis of sustainability: buildings account for 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions, and yet our homes are among the leakiest in Europe. At the same time, most new homes aren’t designed to encourage more sustainable lifestyles.

Working in partnership with Oxford-based architecture and design collective Transition by Design, Bioregional is running a two-year action research project to develop a community-led approach to housing delivery that brings together One Planet Living – our framework to achieve true sustainability – and affordable tenure models.

The project, supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, builds on existing research we carried out with Transition by Design to develop an alternative housing approach.

Creating a replicable approach to achieving affordable, sustainable housing

Over the course of the project, which started in the summer of 2016, we’ll be focusing on two different strands of work:

  • Learning from existing community-led housing projects to understand the variables and components within our approach and how they interact
  • Building alliances with organisations and networks to create the policy environment needed to support the delivery of alternative housing approaches.

At the end of the project, we aim to have a replicable approach to housing delivery that can be achieved at scale across the UK.

To learn why this is project is important to Bioregional and how you can be involved contact Emily Auckland.

Image Credit: One Brighton