A One Planet Community

Liv Apartments features 166 apartments and approximately 1,300sqm of commercial space. Defence Housing Australia has applied One Planet Living to develop a supportive community, designed to make it easy, attractive and affordable for people to lead happy and healthy lives using a fair share of the earth’s resources.

Liv Apartments' One Planet Action Plan was endorsed by Bioregional for national leadership in One Planet Living in late 2017. It is the second apartment development to be recognised as a One Planet Community in Fremantle in Western Australia.

Creating healthy, happy and affordable lifestyles within a supportive broader community

Liv Apartments' One Planet Action Plan outlines a range of initiatives across the ten principles, along with goals to reduce residents' ecological footprints and increase the quality of life and community engagement.

These include landscaped courtyards with edible gardens, spacious apartments with balconies, energy saving, water and energy-efficient fittings and fixtures, waste reduction strategies and bike facilities.

In addition to applying the One Planet Principles to embed sustainability within the apartment complex, Liv Apartments' One Planet Action Plan focuses on how residents and tenants will live and operate once they have moved in.

Onsite solar array and embedded network

Liv Apartments is designed to operate as an embedded electricity network. The 80kw rooftop solar array aims to meet the energy demand of the residential common areas, retail and commercial tenancies. Offsite renewable electricity purchased by the strata company will be sold to the residential, commercial and retail tenants/owners. Electricity income will be invested in upgrades to the development.

Real-time measurement and recording of power consumption will also give tenants and owners greater control over their energy usage and ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Part of a One Planet Living region

As an apartment block within the City of Fremantle, a One Planet City endorsed with its own One Planet Action Plan in 2015, Liv Apartments residents benefit from the sustainability initiatives implemented in the local government area.

While the One Planet Action Plans for Liv Apartments and the local government of the City of Fremantle are developed for different sectors, and individually assessed and recognised under the international One Planet Living framework, they share the universal 'One Planet' vision which supports mutual goals.

Highlights from the One Planet Action Plan

About Defence Housing Australia

Materials and products
Re-used circa 10,000 recycled bricks, 700m of timber rafters and 80 ceiling tiles from demolition in reconstruction

Culture and community
Community space accessible for all residents provided within the central courtyard

Local and sustainable food
Edible garden for the residents to use and cultivate

One Planet Living is our vision of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources, and a straightforward framework to achieve this
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