With a bold target of 90% affordable housing, The Amble Estate is designed to tackle two of the biggest social and environmental challenges we face – the housing and climate crises. Bioregional recognised the impressive sustainable community as a Global Leader in One Planet Living in 2019.

This medium-density infill housing project will provide 105 house and land self-build sites, 24 apartments and two parks in the suburb of Girrawheen, Perth, Western Australia. It’s a collaboration between Yolk Property Group, the Department of Communities of the Western Australian Government and Ventura Home Group (the build partner).

Yolk Property Group is also the developer of the Evermore WGV community, another Global Leader in One Planet Living.

Tackling the housing crisis

The partners of The Amble Estate have set a world-leading target of 90% of the homes designated as affordable in an area that has been identified as having a socio-economic disadvantage. A mix of housing types will be available, including social housing and shared equity (more information on this is available in its One Planet Action Plan, below).

If homebuyers choose to use the recommended build partner, Ventura Home Group, they can opt for a low-cost, highly energy-efficient 'growable' home. This is an affordable two-bedroom home with plans and infrastructure for an additional two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Creating better, healthier, happier lives

But affordability isn’t limited to renting and buying – the homes are also designed to enable low-cost, higher-quality living. Free solar energy installation will be available with a 40% discount on electricity for ten years, at which point it will be owned by the homeowner.

Sustainable travel will be actively encouraged. Residents will have easy access to public transport and amenities are within walking and cycling distance. New pedestrian and cycling infrastructure will connect the community to local areas including central Perth.

A new park is planned with a playground and picnic area, alongside an upgrade to an existing park. Residents will also be able to enjoy green space with a community food garden, as well as their own gardens.

The growable homes will be sustainable with high levels of insulation, building materials that help regulate temperature and the free renewable energy package. Other housing types will also benefit from the renewable energy package and a thermal insulation and ceiling fan upgrade incentive.

Spreading the word of sustainability

The project also aims to inspire a culture of sustainability across residents and builders alike with sustainability design guidelines and a resident handbook, ongoing community engagement and builders' inductions.

Aiming to shift the industry norm and increase uptake of sustainable building methods, an onsite demonstration house will also showcase a range of measures including low-carbon timber construction and phase change materials.

Yolk Property Group says that the One Planet Living framework was chosen specifically because of its ability to support with engagement across all audiences.

Equity and local economy
Increased access for low and very low-income earners through a range of affordable housing initiatives, well in excess of affordability currently achieved in the Australian context

Zero carbon energy
House lot owners offered the opportunity to participate in a programme that will deliver close to 100% renewable energy at no cost to the homeowner

Land and nature
Increased tree canopy and native vegetation. Providing fruiting trees and food production per lot and community garden space.

One Planet Living is our vision of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources, and a straightforward framework to achieve this
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