One Planet Oxfordshire

One Planet Oxfordshire is bringing together people and organisations across the county to create a vision for a happier, healthier and greener future for all Oxfordshire residents and an action plan to help deliver that vision

What is One Planet Oxfordshire?

One Planet Oxfordshire is bringing together a wide range of local councils, organisations, businesses, schools and community groups from across the county to collaboratively create a ‘One Planet Action Plan’ for a better, more sustainable future.

The plan will be structured using Bioregional’s One Planet Living framework. These ten simple principles – from health and happiness and sustainable food to zero carbon energy – provide a common language to talk about sustainability and to drive positive change.

This is part of Bioregional’s One Planet Cities project funded by the KR Foundation.

How will the vision and plan be created?

We’ll going through a four-step process to create the plan:

  • Understanding the context: What’s Oxfordshire’s current impact on the planet? Are local people happy and healthy?
  • Creating a vision: What would One Planet Living look like in Oxfordshire? We’re asking people to help us create a shared vision and making sure we’re including all the action already happening.
  • Being inspired: We’ll draw on inspirational stories from around the world to see what else we could be doing.
  • Action planning: There’s lots of amazing action already happening in Oxfordshire so we’ll be bringing this together and then identifying what else we can do to move towards One Planet Living.

How will the plan be implemented?

The aim is for us to join together in partnership to put the plan into action and then monitor its progress over the coming years.

The vision and One Planet Action Plan will be a resource and a reference for everyone to use – a picture of a future we are all working towards.

The actions will be down to each individual or organisation taking part, but our collaborative partnership will keep an overview of how everyone is getting on and look for opportunities to help these actions happen.

Get involved in shaping Oxfordshire’s sustainability plan

  • Have your say in shaping a better future for your county – and publicly demonstrate leadership in sustainability – join one of our workshops.
  • Receive free support to create your own tailor-made One Planet Action Plan or your own organisation, company or neighbourhood
  • Meet other organisations committed to creating a healthier, happier Oxfordshire
  • Save money and boost employee morale by using One Planet Living at your organisation. Check out our 8 great reasons to adopt One Planet Living. 

If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch with Lewis Knight (

Project timeline

  • Oct – Dec 2018: Creating the vision by identifying outcomes and indicators
  • December 2018 – Feb 2019: Identifying actions for the One Planet Action Plan.
  • October 2018 – March 2019: Bioregional is providing ongoing support for any organisation developing its own action plan – contact us to book in a session.
  • June 2019: Celebratory launch event for the One Planet Action Plan. Details to be confirmed.

Who is involved?

Bioregional Oxfordshire and Oxfordshire County Council are leading One Planet Oxfordshire, with support from Oxford City Council, Cherwell District Council, the CAG Network and OxLEP.

The One Planet Oxfordshire network

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