Planning Policy Statement: Eco-Towns

Eco-towns challenge panel member and Director of Bioregional, Sue Riddlestone, today commented on the eco-towns Planning Policy Statement published by the CLG.

“I welcome today’s publication of the eco-towns Planning Policy Statement, and am pleased that some of the recommendations we made in our recent report with Cabe ‘What makes an eco town?’ have been incorporated. However, this guidance falls short of showing how eco-town residents can meet the 80% C02 reduction target that the Climate Change Bill requires. The PPS aims for zero carbon from buildings but is not helping developers to set the necessary carbon reduction targets for transport, food, construction materials and consumer goods – areas that make up the majority of our C02 emissions”.

“Even so, the PPS does contain many challenging targets, and we recognise that the transformation to a healthier, happier way of life won’t happen overnight. Developers need to mesh the Climate Change Bill targets into the DNA of eco-towns, this is the approach Bioregional has already taken to successfully deliver cost-effective new sustainable communities around the world.”

Planning Policy Statement: Eco-Towns Published: 04th November 2008 288.03 Kb
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