Bioregional Hill can work with you to co-create beautiful, zero-carbon homes that enable sustainable living using our tried and tested One Planet Living® framework. All our homes are built using sustainable materials and innovative construction methods. They are designed to encourage food growing, sustainable travel, recycling and biodiversity, so people can lead healthy, happy lives within the natural limits of our planet.

Our experienced team can manage the process from securing land, financing the project, to handing over the keys, while collaborating with you - the people who want local homes - to get the result you want.

One Planet Living is a vision of the world where everyone, everywhere can enjoy happy, healthy lives within the limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

How we ‘lock in’ affordability for local people

To enable our homes to be truly affordable based on local incomes, we build on land sold for a fair price. This is often land designated only for affordable homes or offered at a reasonable price by socially conscious landowners. To make the sums work, the projects comprise a mix of discounted sale homes and full price homes. The affordable house prices are permanently protected through planning governance and a Community Land Trust.

Bioregional Hill is an LLP partnership between Bioregional Homes, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bioregional, which has pioneered zero carbon homes for over 20 years, and the Hill Group. Hill is an award-winning housebuilder and one of the leading developers in London and the south east of England, delivering both private for sale and affordable homes in partnership with government, local authorities and housing associations.

July 2021 update: Sustaining Chobham Community Land Trust is currently seeking responses to this survey - please complete it if you might be interested in purchasing one of the properties if planning permission is granted.

Our development vision for Mincing Lane, Chobham, is to create a One Planet Community that encompasses:

  • Affordable homes – community governance means reduced house prices are protected permanently
  • Custom build – occupants and community actively engaged in the design process
  • Community living – communal gardens and facilities
  • Intergenerational – range of sizes to provide for young people, families to retirees
  • Living in nature – maintaining the mature trees and enhancing biodiversity
  • Offsite manufacture – UK-sourced low impact construction method and reduced building works on-site
  • Net zero carbon – powered using on and offsite renewable energy
  • Low impact lifestyles – easy and convenient to make sustainable choices.

To see the details of our scheme in Chobham please visit our dedicated website.

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