At Bioregional Homes we build One Planet Communities. These are schemes that use the ten principles of One Planet Living® in design, construction and facilities management to achieve sustainable development – genuinely affordable homes that are zero-carbon, built from sustainable materials, that encourage recycling, food growing and biodiversity, and communities that are great places to live and work. Bioregional Homes is a wholly owned subsidiary of environmental charity Bioregional.

One Planet Living is a vision of the world where everyone, everywhere can enjoy happy, healthy lives within the limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

We build One Planet Communities in two ways:

  • Working with development partners on urban, mixed-use communities of 50-250 homes such as BedZED in London and One Brighton in the centre of Brighton.
  • Working with community groups on smaller schemes of 20-50 homes, where we can tailor the design and cost of the homes to the people who will live in them, responding to local needs.

You can learn more about our approach and track record with these case studies on our two pioneering sustainable communities, BedZED and One Brighton.

There’s a real sense of shared values as well as a strong community feel at BedZED. This, combined with the green space nearby and the layout of our streets, makes it a special place to live, and quite unique to London living.

Dave Tchilingirian, resident of BedZED
From left to right: Sue Riddlestone OBE, Nicole Lazarus, Anthony Probert, Douglas Drewniak, Ronan Leyden, Lewis Knight and Russell Tame.

Our development vision is to create a One Planet Community that encompasses:

  • Affordable homes – community governance means reduced house prices are protected permanently
  • Custom build – occupants and community actively engaged in the design process
  • Community living – communal gardens and facilities
  • Intergenerational – range of sizes to provide for young people, families to retirees
  • Living in nature – maintaining the mature trees and enhancing biodiversity
  • Offsite manufacture – UK-sourced low impact construction method and reduced building works on-site
  • Net zero carbon – powered using on and offsite renewable energy
  • Low impact lifestyles – easy and convenient to make sustainable choices.

To see the details of our scheme in Chobham please visit our dedicated website.

Image by Waugh Thistleton Architects

Over the last year it has been an energising and exciting experience working with Bioregional Homes. Using the ten principles has helped to promote the best holistic approach for each project, and we look forward to carrying this through to create future One Planet Communities for people and nature to co-exist!

Sophie Maubon, Project Architect at Waugh Thistleton Architects

Request to join Sustaining Chobham Community Interest Company (CIC)

If you are interested in potentially moving into the scheme at Mincing Lane, Chobham and/or taking an active and positive role in its design, governance and management, you can request to join the Sustaining Chobham CIC.

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