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Singita One Planet Annual Review 2018/19

Singita continues to set the standard for sustainable tourism as highlighted in this second review of its One Planet Action Plan. Given the growing sustainability challenge, it is vital that it sets new challenges to do even better

Singita One Planet Annual Review Summary 2018/19

Singita is a conservation company that’s preserving more than one million acres of African wilderness. It supports its sustainability efforts and community outreach by providing environmentally conscious hospitality in 12 lodges across the continent

City of Fremantle One Planet Annual Review 2018

This is the third peer review of City of Fremantle's One Planet Action Plan. We're impressed with the progress it has made in 2018 and look forward to tracking its journey towards a One Planet City over the coming years.

One Planet Oxfordshire workshop: outcomes and indicators

At a One Planet Oxfordshire workshop in November 2018, some 100 stakeholders gathered to talk about how to give Oxfordshire a brighter, greener future. The outcomes and indicators from the workshop are presented in this document

Singita Serengeti - Celebrating five years of One Planet Living

In 2013 Singita Serengeti became a One Planet Community, setting out on a challenging journey to achieve sustainability in environmental, economic and social terms

Briefing: What do the new streamlined energy and carbon reporting requirements mean for UK businesses?

From April 2019 the Government will more than double the number of large, UK-based businesses that must publicly report on their energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions