Sustainability gap analysis

How does your sustainability strategy measure up? Our sustainability gap analysis service can help you find out .

Our sustainability gap analysis is a collaborative process. We help you find out how your company, organisation or project is performing, either against Bioregional’s One Planet Principles or your own framework. This will help you find out where you are doing well and what you could improve.

What we do

We first categorise your current aspirations, commitments and performance against either our One Planet Principles or your own framework. If you use the One Planet Principles as your framework, we will then compare them, principle by principle, against the One Planet Goals.

We can also compare your commitments and aspirations against your own set of principles, or to your peers’ performance.

We then assess your commitments and aspirations on a ‘traffic lights’ basis: green, where you are doing well, yellow where there’s room for improvement and red where performance is weak.

This will provide the basis for our initial assessment, with an opportunity to work with you to refine it based on your feedback.

Our final summary assessment offers a clear picture of where you are now and your next steps along the path to sustainability.

Case study

Bioregional is helping U+I to develop its sustainability strategy for a large, mixed-use regeneration project in Brighton called Preston Barracks. We used the One Planet principles to develop a vision for the development and agreed tangible goals and targets across all aspects of sustainability. In collaboration with the project team and other stakeholders in a workshop setting, we suggested design features and operational measures that will achieve the vision and meet the targets. Gaining input from people from all backgrounds – not just the ‘experts’ – ensures a diverse, unique and achievable plan that resonates with the client, the planning authority and the local community.