Sustainable products and services

Do you want to offer sustainable products and services to your customers? Here’s how Bioregional can help.

With corporate sustainability gaining increasing prominence worldwide, having sustainable products and services on offer can be hugely advantageous to your organisation and your customers. Bioregional has the expertise and experience to help you develop an existing or entirely new range of sustainable products and services and help you track your progress against targets.

What we do

Analyse product offer

We can look at your current range of products and services and carry out a targeted analysis to identify which have the greatest social and environmental impacts. We can work with you to identify the social and environmental factors which are of most concern to you, your customers and other stakeholders.

Create guidance documents

We can create a clear and comprehensive set of guidance documents that will allow you to understand and identify the best sustainable products and services for inclusion in your range. We can provide bespoke guidelines on developing, modifying or sourcing products and services for your product development or procurement teams, or even tailored guidance for your supply chain.

Provide training

Bioregional can help you develop a training programme to ensure that the key stakeholders have a well-developed and consistent understanding of your sustainable product and services range and any guidance documents. This would also be an opportunity to establish whether the needs and expectations of the stakeholders are being met.

Quantifying impact

We can develop robust and bespoke models to allow you quantify the most material impacts or benefits from your products. The model can be designed to measure the metrics most useful to you and your customer, whether it be financial, environmental or social – for example how much your products can save customers in energy bills or how much waste your products have helped to divert from landfill.


We can undertake regular monitoring of your sustainable product and services range to ensure those listed comply with the guidance documents that you use. And we can  monitor the sales of your sustainable range to determine any trends in sales.

Case study

Kingfisher wanted to build upon its extensive social responsibility achievements and asked Bioregional to help create a robust approach to the classification of Sustainable Home Products (SHP) across its international Operating Companies. Since 2010, Bioregional has created a set of ‘Sustainable Home Product Guidelines’, updated annually, to help Kingfisher’s operating companies identify the best SHPs for inclusion in their ranges. We have also developed a training programme for Kingfisher to ensure key stakeholders have a thorough understanding of the SHP criteria and selection process.

We monitor and verify Kingfisher’s SHP range and sales data and have developed a bespoke tool to calculate the customer energy savings from sales of its most energy efficient products. The Kingfisher SHP range has grown to include over 33,000 different product lines representing 28% of the group’s annual sales in the 2015/16 financial year. Purchases of energy-saving products have helped customers to  save 10.8 TWh of energy every year. Read Kingfisher’s SHP guidelines.