One of Bioregional’s longest-running and most important partnerships is with B&Q, the first One Planet Company. We’re entrusted with reviewing its progress on sustainability against ambitious plans and targets. We work on a wide range of projects, helping B&Q to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations, its products and the lifestyles of its millions of customers.

Greening a DIY giant

We’ve worked closely with this leading UK home and garden retailer since 2007. At the core of this partnership is B&Q’s One Planet Home Action Plan, which we helped it to develop. Each year we review the company’s progress against the challenging sustainability targets set out in this plan.

Sustainability is now embedded into many of B&Q’s core functions ensuring that its energy use and transport, for example, continue to become more efficient. Ongoing engagement with buyers ensures that supply chain risks are minimised and innovative new products and services are continually sought.

Cumulatively these efforts have had a huge impact in reducing B&Q’s impacts and improving its bottom line since 2006/7 including:

  • A saving of 108,000 tonnes CO2e through a 33% reduction in its absolute carbon footprint
  • Reducing costs by £141m through better energy, transport and waste management
  • 37% of sales from products with sustainability credentials

One Planet Home and the 2023 targets that underpin the programme present an ambitious but necessary vision for sustainable business.

Having a better understanding of its impacts has allowed B&Q to focus on specific initiatives to reduce its environmental impacts while saving money. Like many other retailers B&Q has achieved high levels of diversion from landfill (now 96%) but  it is also striving to ensure that wherever possible waste is prevented or recycled.

With over three million customers a week there is a huge opportunity for B&Q to make the nation’s homes greener. 40% of its sales are now from products with sustainability credentials.


You can download our latest 2015/16  sustainability review using the link on the right.

About the partner

B&Q is the leading home improvement and garden retailer in the UK and the third largest in the world. It has more than 300 stores in the UK and Ireland. and sales in 2014/15 of £3.8 billion.