From 2012-15 we worked with Latin America’s leading company in the design and manufacture of commercial refrigeration equipment to improve the sustainability of their operations, using our One Planet Living framework.

Making sustainability cool in Latin America

In 2012 Mexico-based Imbera became the first large scale manufacturer to create a One Planet Action Plan. As part of this plan the company has introduced several greener transport initiatives – parking spaces dedicated to pooled and low carbon cars, a bike hire scheme for all staff and a daily shuttle bus that means around 33 staff no longer do a 100 kilometre commute by car. On the waste reduction front, timber pallets are now being reused while the stickers used for branding fridges are recycled into paper envelopes which carry warranties and other documentation. Imbera is the first company in the state of Queretaro to have its own reading hall, part of a national programme to promote reading.

Imbera continues to improve its sustainability performance which is reported through parent company Femsa’s annual sustainability report.

About Imbera

Imbera is a subsidiary of leading Latin American soft drinks, brewing and retail group FEMSA. It has three manufacturing plants in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil and exports to 40 countries across five continents. Imbera has more than 4,000 employees and each year produces over 380,000 commercial refrigeration coolers and services more than 1.2 million, placing it among the top three manufacturers in the world.