Bioregional has signed the Nature Positive Business Pledge, which was launched by RSPB and Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) alongside the UK Business & Biodiversity Forum to encourage businesses to commit to halting and reversing their impacts on the natural world. 

Following on from recent posts where we discussed our part in the ‘Save our Wild Isles’ business films, why nature must get a place in the boardroom, and how businesses can support a nature-positive goal, this public commitment represents Bioregional putting into practice the advice we give to clients.

From 2023-24, we have committed to develop and publish a ‘Nature Positive Plan’ that will include:

  • running a materiality assessment to identify where and how Bioregional depends on and negatively impacts nature (i.e. biodiversity, ecosystem services, soil and water health, and climate)
  • identifying a nature baseline and assessing our impact on nature relative to this baseline
  • setting SMART and costed targets to address the business dependencies and impacts on nature. These targets should aim to address direct impacts and impacts along the value chain

Signatories to the pledge are expected annually to:

  • assess their progress towards delivering the targets set out in the Nature Positive Plan and publish a report on this progress
  • review the Nature Positive Plan and ratchet up the commitment every three years, increasing the scope or level of impact addressed through the Plan
  • undertake an information-sharing activity - this could be a webinar, document or other media format that promotes, supports or demonstrates nature-positive work

We look forward to sharing our progress annually within our annual One Planet Living action plan reviews.

If you need support in setting and achieving your own nature-positive goals, get in touch with our consultancy team.

Image credits: top banner courtesy of and represents UK farmland birds: 55% decline 1970-2019.

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