Our work

We help businesses and public bodies create better places and improve the way they work. We apply our expertise in a highly practical way because we want our work to inspire people to live happy, healthy lives with the natural limits of the planet.

Corporate advisory

We work with businesses in different ways, helping them to make their operations, products, services and supply chains more sustainable

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See our work with B&Q

Eco communities

We're helping to plan, build and manage communities around the world that have high ambitions for sustainability and for One Planet Living

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See our Zibi project


We work with partners to save energy and promote zero carbon renewable energy sources, both in new buildings and and in existing ones

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See our smart local grids project

Leisure, sport and tourism

Supporting businesses in recreation, travel, sport and events to reduce environmental impacts and benefit local communities and wildlife

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See our Villages Nature project

Local authorities

Bioregional works with councils and local government, promoting sustainable development in their operations and their local communities

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See Brighton & Hove One Planet City

Natural environment

If we can conserve, enhance and value nature, people can benefit too. We work with partners on projects which can demonstrate this win-win effect

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Read about Singita Serengeti partnership

Policy and advocacy

We take what we’ve learnt from our projects and partnerships to develop and advocate pro-sustainability policies at local, national and international levels

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Read about our work on new UN Sustainable Development Goals

Regeneration & construction

We partner with businesses in construction and regeneration to exploit the big opportunities for making towns and cities more sustainable

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See our Heart of Hackbridge project