The challenge: Nando's wanted a construction site that aligned with the sustainability aspirations of its new restaurant

The restaurant had been designed to be extremely energy efficient, generate its own electricity and use waste heat from cooking for space heating. Material specification prioritised low-impact elements, fittings and furniture.

We applied the One Planet Living framework across the lifecycle of development. So after designing a sustainable restaurant and making sure its operational impacts were addressed, we helped the main contractor BK Structures establish a strategy to run a sustainable construction site.

How we helped: Using One Planet Living to minimise waste and emissions and benefit the community

The strategy addressed all environmental impacts – energy, waste, water, product selection and transport – and socio-economic ones such as local jobs and employment, training and being a good neighbour.

We used established benchmarks to set targets against all ten One Planet Living principles, which covers environment impacts like carbon, waste and air quality as well as impact on people and the local economy.

We received monthly updates from the contractor on its progress against targets and produced a final report outlining the achievements.

The impact: a highly sustainable building that achieved its targets

As well as achieving a score of 7 in the Considerate Constructors Scheme, zero RIDDORs (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) and LTIs (lost time injury), the construction achieved the majority of its One Planet Living targets, with scope for improvement in future builds to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Read about how we helped Nando's with the sustainable fit-out for the restaurant.

Nando's 'next-generation' sustainable restaurant in Cambridge

Equity and local economy
100% of construction workers received at least a living wage

Culture and community
Two charities supported – a timber recycling centre and a local children’s hospice

Materials and products
35% carbon saving using greener concrete

Zero waste
95% of construction waste was reused or recycled

One Planet Living is our vision of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources, and a straightforward framework to achieve this
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