Project Partners
John Lewis

The challenge: future visioning for sustainability

In 2014 John Lewis asked Bioregional to carry out a strategic analysis and visioning exercise representing ten key social, environmental and economic trends that will affect John Lewis operations, its customers and the products it sells in 2030.

How we helped: Bringing the future to life

We called this piece of work ‘Bringing the Future to Life’. We identified and explored key trends that are likely to impact the leading retailer including climate change, biodiversity loss, resource depletion, a changing retail landscape and the continuing advances in technology.

For each of these, Bioregional drew upon the latest scientific research within the field and explored how the trend fits within the current national and international legislative context.

The impact: informing long-term sustainability goals

We used these ten scenario maps to outline a series of visions for John Lewis, designed to be stretching but realistically attainable and aimed at informing long-term goals for John Lewis’ social responsibility and buying teams.