2017 - 18
Project Partners

The challenge: creating a vision for intu’s new multi-space retail space

intu Group, a real estate investment trust company focused on shopping centres, had created a design concept for a dynamic new retail space within the Broadmarsh shopping centre in Nottingham, which is undergoing significant redevelopment.

The design concept for this large 17,550 sqf t space – known as ‘C45’ - was that intu would manage it directly by curating a range of retail units and beverage outlets. This would create a flexible space that enables increasingly popular ‘pop-up’ retail experiences.

intu asked Bioregional to review the plans and provide a more detailed vision of how the space could operate and deliver its services using our One Planet Living principles.

The firm wanted to be challenged and inspired, and also learn about how other similar multi-space venues operate.

How we helped: a One Planet Living gap analysis

As well as visiting the site and talking to the team to review initial design concepts, our review covered Intu’s offers for retail, workspace, food and beverage and flexible pop up market/events space. To contextualise these, we analysed the local market as well as inspirational examples of existing multi-use spaces.

From this we produced a ‘One Planet Living vision’ for the design and operations of ‘C45’ and recommended actions.

This included an overall vision statement for the space that outlined how it could become an exemplar for a values-led, multi-use retail space - placing sustainable living and sustainable lifestyles at the core of its operations and dictating the type of brands that would be featured.

We also produced a series of recommendations and considerations for both the design and operational phases. We also provided insights and inspiration for each of the intended uses of the space including retail, workspaces, cafes and restaurants, and flexible/events space.

The outcome: a clear vision for a values-led retail space

We equipped intu with a clear vision of how to develop a values-led, future-proof and flexible retail space that can be implemented in Broadmarsh, as well as forming the basis of an approach for other sites.

Bioregional helped intu to understand the opportunities for creating world class retail spaces that could meet changing customer expectations of retail space but also adhere to the One Planet Living principles. Their insight enabled colleagues to understand how creating sustainable retail spaces future proofs intu for this rapidly changing landscape. Bioregional's expertise in using the One Planet Living framework for creating developments enabled intu to create a bold ambition for sustainability that we knew could be delivered as it was based on real examples of what Bioregional has already achieved.

Helen Drury, former Corporate Responsibility Manager at intu (now Senior Manager, community & partnerships for CYBG).