2018 - 19
Project Partners

The challenge: creating an overarching strategy with staff buy-in

Simplyhealth, the health plans provider, asked us to help expand its sustainability work by creating an overarching strategy that engaged all its staff.

How we helped: from environmental impact to sustainability priorities

We led the entire process, starting by calculating Simplyhealth’s carbon footprint to help it understand its current environmental impact. This was accompanied by a staff engagement survey to learn more about the current sustainability awareness within the company.

This was all supported by a wider sustainability gap analysis using our One Planet Living framework and in-depth assessments of how Simplyhealth might help deliver the Sustainable Development Goals and what future trends may impact the company.

We presented these findings back to key team members and helped them think through what the priorities for its sustainability strategy should be.

The impact: a clear baseline to track progress and defined sustainability strategy

Simplyhealth’s final sustainability strategy is framed by four pillars to structure its ambitions. By creating a baseline, we are now able to help start setting its sustainability targets and creating an action plan.