Project Partners
Catalyst Housing Association and Raven Housing Trust

The challenge: creating zero-carbon roadmaps to achieve net-zero emissions

Two housing associations – Catalyst Housing Association and Raven Housing Trust – came to us separately with the same mission: achieving net-zero emissions from their entire operations.

This included their ‘scope 3 emissions’ ie from their housing stock, which represents approximately 95% of total emissions.

Catalyst had aspirations to be net-zero carbon but was uncertain how to do this and what resources would be required. Bioregional thoroughly investigated our operations and assigned its experts to identify the key parts of our carbon footprint and outline a series of options available. As a result, our Executive team are now more aware of the challenges ahead and we have a clear direction for taking our next steps on our zero-carbon journey.

Stephen Edwards, Catalyst Housing Group

How we helped: combining carbon footprinting expertise, built environment understanding and scenario planning

We worked closely with both Catalyst and Raven to create bespoke zero-carbon roadmaps that outlined a strategy for reaching net-zero.

Using our carbon footprinting expertise and understanding of the sector, Bioregional:

  1. Conducted a high-level carbon footprint of their entire operation eg existing stock, new developments, offices and transport, as well as a gap analysis between current performance and long-term carbon targets
  2. Analysed the viability of different zero-carbon measures including retrofitting, renewable energy, electric vehicles etc based on factors including finances, local policy context, benchmarking, behaviour change and available technologies
  3. Created a ‘roadmap’ of potential scenarios for achieving net-zero with delivery action milestones, assignment of role responsibilities and monitoring systems
  4. Provided a high-level costing of measures and financing options.

We also ran engagement workshops with senior leadership including the chief executives to help get buy-in to the process and disseminate understanding.

The work that Bioregional did for us was great to help us understand where we needed to focus our efforts in achieving net-zero and to frame the challenge for the work ahead.

Joanna Hills, Director of Assets and Services at Raven Housing Trust

The outcome: a clear path forward for achieving zero-carbon ambitions

Both Raven and Catalyst have adopted these zero-carbon roadmaps and are in the process of developing extensive retrofit plans, as well as tactics for engaging tenants.

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