UKSSD is a cross-sector network of organisations that work together to drive action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UK.

Drawing on our experience with the Sustainable Development Goals, Bioregional helped set up the network and now hosts the secretariat for the Steering Group.

Launched in 2016, there are now more than 100 partners working together to create the collaboration and partnerships needed to deliver the Goals in the UK.

Its mission is to inspire, influence and inform people, communities and organisations to transform the UK into a truly sustainable society.

So far, UKSSD has:

  • Coordinated an open letter to the Prime Minister, backed by 84 UK brands, calling on her to work with them to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Coordinated the contributions of over 100 organisations to an assessment of how the UK is performing on the SDGs, captured in Measuring up: How the UK is performing on the SDGs.

Measuring up: How is the UK performing on the SDGS?

In 2018, UKSSD launched its Measuring up report - the most comprehensive review of the current situation for the SDGs in the UK conducted to date. It tells us what is happening in the UK for people, the environment and the economy.

Out of 143 relevant targets, UKSSD found that the UK is performing well on 24% (green), with 57% where there are gaps in policy coverage or performance is not adequate (amber), and 15% where there is little or no policy in place to address the target or the performance is poor (red).

Bioregional led the production of the Goal 12 chapter of the report on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) drawing on our expertise in SCP through our work on the SDGs.

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