As I read through our achievements from the year, it struck me that there are four core ingredients to our work in championing a better, more sustainable way to live.

We are our people

I’m impressed every day by the dedication and ingenuity of the people who work at Bioregional. So, our Annual Review 2016/17 shares our ten key achievements from the year, as told by some of our staff. Who better to tell our stories from the year than the people who have worked on all our projects across the world?

I hope you will enjoy getting to know some of my colleagues by reading about their highlights of the year and learning more about how we go about achieving our vision of One Planet Living.

Long-term partnerships are vital

From our ongoing partnership with B&Q to our continued support for the UK’s first eco-town and the alliances we’ve formed to develop and implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we know how much can be achieved through long-term collaboration.

In the second section of our review, you’ll find our top ten tips for moving towards One Planet Living. These are illustrated by stories from some of our brilliant partners across the globe.

Bioregional Annual Review 2016/17


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Our Annual Review 2016/17 shares our ten key achievements from the year, as told by our staff

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We are entrepreneurs at heart

BedZED, the UK’s first mixed-use eco-village which we initiated and helped develop, turns 15 in 2017. After working alongside the project team to shape its development, we moved in – and have been here ever since. BedZED continues to be a great place to live and work, and to inspire communities around the world.

We’re once more tapping into our entrepreneurial genes to play a leading role in developing new One Planet Communities in the UK, integrating approaches to enable sustainable – and truly affordable – homes.

We have a vision – and the practical tools to achieve it

One Planet Living, the framework we developed from our BedZED learning, has proved a fantastic tool to drive and communicate sustainable change. So, we’ve started building a digital platform to rapidly scale up sustainable living. Combined with a new training offer, will help make One Planet Living accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

I hope you enjoy learning about our work over the last year as much as we enjoyed doing it. We’re sharing our achievements and tips for One Planet Living on social media this week so do follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

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