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innocent drinks

The challenge: ensuring sustainability KPIs reflect international sustainability frameworks

After launching is first ever sustainability strategy innocent drinks asked us to help ensure it was on track to achieve its aims. It needed a consistent data structure and advice on how best to track data associated with the new strategy and collected from existing sustainability projects.

It was also important that its sustainability KPIs were robust and comprehensive and reflected international frameworks.

How we helped: reviewing sustainability data and KPI benchmarking

We reviewed the KPIs that innocent was already using and benchmarked them against the UN Sustainability Development Goals, industry peers, B Corp and our One Planet Living framework.

We then created a list of KPIs that was aligned with the above frameworks, with recommendations to remove some and add others.

Based on this we formulated headline targets and KPIs for the main components of innocent’s strategy, and advised how to select sustainability reporting tool providers.

The impact: a robust sustainability reporting structure that helps track and communicate progress

innocent now has confidence in the KPIs and headline targets it has selected for the main components of its sustainability strategy. Its new reporting structure allows the company to track progress in key areas and ensure that appropriate data is collected.

Louise Stevens

Bioregional has a very strong understanding of the challenges companies face when it comes to sustainability reporting. They took the myriad of data being collected at innocent and turned it into a clear reporting framework that is now used to track progress against our targets and communicate to our stakeholders.

Louise Stevens, Head of Circular Economy, innocent drinks