We’ve been implementing the circular economy for more than 15 years. This includes our work on the London 2012 Olympics and supporting retailers like M&S and Kingfisher to embrace all the opportunities the circular economy offers.

Check out our guide to cracking the circular economy challenge.

  • Tailored circular economy guidance and definitions

    Struggling to know where to start? We can work with you to understand what the circular economy means for you and your organisation, and help to develop a common, jargon-free language that resonates with your culture. We develop guides to engage members of staff and inspire them to implement circular projects on the ground.

  • Circular economy status review

    You may already be innovating here – we can help you assess the circularity of current sustainability initiatives, whether they’re internal processes or external-facing products or services. We can also check what competitors are doing to help you build a full picture of the gaps and opportunities to develop further.

  • Designing-in circularity

    The most successful circular economy projects have circularity designed-in from the start. Whether that’s in products, construction projects, or service provision, we can help embed circular thinking from the outset.

  • Waste audits

    We can undertake resource or waste audits to identify key opportunities to implement the circular economy in your organisation; helping you to understand volumes, markets and financial implications.

  • Circularity measurement and assessment tools

    Consumers are increasingly interested in the sustainability credentials of the products or services they buy. Are you able to measure how circular they are? We have developed a number of tools - including Kingfisher's proven ‘circular value chain assessment tool' - to enable product designers to assess the circularity of existing products and understand how they can increase it.

Sustainable business consultancy services brochure


2.5 Mb | 17 January 2023

This summary brochure outlines our core sustainability services for organisations. Discover what sets us apart and how we can help your business.

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