We’ve worked closely with B&Q, a leading UK retailer and the first One Planet Company, over the last ten years to help it use One Planet Living to drive its sustainability efforts

Greening a DIY giant

In 2007 we helped B&Q develop and launch its One Planet Action Plan,  an ambitious strategy which marked the beginning of its sustainability programme – One Planet Home. This partnership has become one of Bioregional’s longest-running and most important collaborations. 

Each year we review B&Q’s progress against its sustainability targets set out in this plan, and tell the story of its progress. 

Sustainability is now embedded into many of B&Q’s core functions ensuring that its energy use and transport, for example, continue to become more efficient. Ongoing engagement with buyers ensures that supply chain risks are minimised and innovative new products and services are continually sought.

B&Q’s One Planet achievements

Cumulatively these efforts have had a huge impact in reducing B&Q’s impacts and improving its bottom line since 2006/7 including:

  • A saving of 762,546 tonnes CO2e through a 41% reduction in its absolute carbon footprint
  • Reducing costs by £164m through better energy, transport and waste management
  • 40% of sales from products with sustainability credentials

Developing a better understanding of its footprint has allowed B&Q to focus on specific initiatives to reduce its environmental impacts, while saving money. Like many other retailers B&Q has achieved high levels of diversion from landfill (now 99%) but it is also striving to ensure that wherever possible waste is prevented or recycled.

With over three million customers a week there is a huge opportunity for B&Q to make the nation’s homes greener. 40% of its sales are now from products with sustainability credentials.

You can download our latest 2015/16  sustainability review using the link on the right.

The Nature of Gardens

We have also worked with B&Q on a number of specific initiatives and projects to support its move towards a One Planet future. In 2017, B&Q commissioned us to research and write an in-depth report on the value of UK gardens to nature.

After reviewing over 100 reports, the Nature of Gardens report  concluded that:

  • Gardens are vital for Britain’s declining wildlife
  • Wildlife and nature are good for people’s mental and
    physical health, and our gardens are one of the most
    important places where this happens.

Our findings were combined with the results from extensive B&Q commissioned consumer research into people’s attitudes towards wildlife in their gardens, plus a list of top ten tips for less experienced gardeners on how to support wildlife. Check these out

Launched in Spring 2017, The Nature of Gardens was endorsed by leading wildlife and gardening organisations including the Royal Horticultural Society and the RSPB.

Alongside, B&Q announced that to help protect our bees, it will stop using neonicotinoid pesticides from 2018 for all the flowering plants it sells.

About our partner

B&Q is the leading home improvement and garden retailer in the UK and the third largest in the world. It has more than 300 stores in the UK and Ireland and sales in 2014/15 of £3.8 billion.