More companies are recognising the importance of making sure any new fit-outs are water and energy efficient, minimise waste, use healthy materials and cut carbon.

We’ve helped leading retail and casual dining outlets including Nando’s, innocent and Kingfisher meet high sustainability standards while keeping the right look and feel for their brand.

Sustainable fit-out at Nando's Cambridge restaurant
  • Tailored guidance and specifications

    We work with you to understand what sustainable fit-out means for you and your organisation. This can include ensuring the procurement of sustainable products - assessing and specifying everything from taps in bathrooms to upholstery fabric on chairs.

    We can also develop guidance or specifications for your project team to help you embed sustainable principles throughout all your fit-out projects.

  • Flagship projects

    If you are thinking about creating a stand-out, sustainable fit-out and don’t know where to start, we can support you.

    We can join your project team and advise your designers, engineers and construction team to make this your greenest project yet.

  • SKA assessments

    We are certified SKA assessors for retail fit-outs. This means that we can work closely with your project team to create a fit-out that achieves your SKA rating ambition.

    We can then assess and certify your scheme (whether in design or operation) against the SKA criteria.

Sustainable business consultancy services brochure


2.5 Mb | 17 January 2023

This summary brochure outlines our core sustainability services for organisations. Discover what sets us apart and how we can help your business.

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