Be involved

Bioregional’s One Planet Living initiative is a global partnership of projects and organisations which are applying the 10 One Planet Living principles, implementing a One Planet Action Plan and sharing learning.


Who should become a One Planet Living Partner?

Becoming a partner in Bioregional’s One Planet Living initiative is for organisations which have the deep commitment and resources to change the way the world works. It requires you to work with us to identify gaps in your sustainability strategy, co-create a One Planet Action Plan with us and stakeholders to get a plan which can be ‘endorsed’ by us, sign a collaboration agreement and agree to producing an annual review.

The process

Gap  Analysis

This compares existing practices or plans  to the 10 principles and the ‘Common International Targets’ for One Planet Living, identifying where you are performing well and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Co-creation of  a One Planet Action Plan

Bioregional leads you and your stakeholders through a visioning session and workshops to see how the 10 One Planet Living principles and Common International Targets can work for you.  The result is a the creation of a One Planet Action Plan.


In order for a project or organisation to become a partner in One Planet Living,  its One Planet Action Plan undergoes a review by  Bioregional’s One Planet Living Steering Group, supported by its Expert Panel, after which the Action Plan can be ‘endorsed’.

The Collaboration Agreement and Implementation

A Collaboration Agreement is signed with the partner project or organisation which includes a licence to use one of the One Planet sub-brands – ie One Planet Community, One Planet Company or One Planet Region.  Processes to remove endorsement if the partner is no longer committed or able to meet the the commitments in the One Planet Action Plan are also included.  The aim is to integrate the  One Planet Action Plan seamlessly into the operation of the project or organisation so it can be delivered by existing staff.  With some Partners, Bioregional does provide Sustainability Integrator services where the Partner desires it.

Annual Review

Bioregional works with Partners to undertake an Annual Review of progress. This review is as much about learning practical lessons for the future  as it is a review of progress implementing the Action Plan.  Like the Action Plan, these Annual Reviews are made public.

Expert Panel 

The One Planet Living initiative benefits from the support of a number of highly experienced independent experts in the field of sustainable development as well as representative experts from our endorsed Partners.   The Expert Panel  ensures that One Planet Living  is increasingly recognised as an exemplary commitment to, and leadership in, sustainability.