Sustainability monitoring and reporting

You have an exciting new sustainability plan. How do you know whether you’re on track to achieve your objectives – and what should go into your progress reports?

Bioregional can help you monitor and report on your sustainability journey. This can range from helping you define what the best sustainability KPIs for you to advising on the most effective way of communicating your progress.

What we do

Setting up your monitoring system

We can help you set up a robust monitoring system. We start by working with you to identify appropriate KPIs and targets (including science-based targets) for measuring progress, from waste and materials to employee diversity.

We can also advise on the best methods and frequency of data capture, making sure your monitoring system captures all the activities and targets within your action plan.

Preparing your report

Our comprehensive sustainability reporting service covers the gamut of data collation and analysis, content development, copy editing, design and final publication. As well as crunching numbers on data like greenhouse gas emissions or water savings, we’ll make sure your reports are accurate, engaging, visually appealing – and most importantly, read.

Submitting your work for an award

Drawing on our expertise in data collation and analysis, we can also support your submission for high-profile awards and indices like the Carbon Disclosure Project, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index or BITC’s Corporate Responsibility Index.

Case study: B&Q’s One Planet Home Report

Bioregional has been working with leading home improvement retailer B&Q since 2007, including on sustainability monitoring and reporting.  At the core of this partnership is B&Q’s One Planet Home Action Plan, which we helped it to develop. As part of our partnership we produce an independent annual progress review. This combines easy-to-digest infographics and high-level summaries with in-depth analysis to satisfy generalists and experts alike. Read B&Q’s One Planet Home Review 2015/16.

“Since One Planet Home first began in 2007, we have made a point of asking Bioregional to report and comment independently on our progress and activities versus our goals, to ensure that we have an expert third party view of how we are doing”

Rachel Bradley, CSR Manager, B&Q