Sustainability training

Embed sustainability throughout your organisation with our tailored sustainability training to suit all levels of staff and job roles.

For your sustainability strategy to be successful, staff need to fully engage with it and understand it. From inducting new staff to tailored sustainability training for senior managers, we can help you make sure your sustainability strategy is fully integrated into your operations. If you are using our One Planet Living framework, we can also help you integrate it throughout your operations.

What we do

Once we’ve assessed your training needs and helped you identify key internal audiences we can develop a tailored training package for you. This could include:

Induction training

This covers everything new employees need to know about your sustainability commitments. Explaining complex sustainability concepts in simple language, it also encourages employees to make a personal commitment to sustainability at both work and at home.

Leaders training

This focuses on the business benefits of sustainability and on how your business and sustainability strategies tie together. The training combines engaging materials and props combined with stimulating exercises, all designed to make sure your senior team is fully on board with your strategy.

Train the trainer service

We can either deliver your sustainability training for you, or train your staff so they can do it themselves. To support you in this, we can develop materials for your trainers that include useful hints, tips and resources. We can also provide trainer certification.

Case study: Embedding a culture of sustainability at One Brighton

As part of Bioregional’s involvement in developing the pioneering One Brighton eco-village, we implemented a comprehensive sustainability training programme for all staff, from the developer Crest Nicholson’s partners, lawyers and architects, through to contruction and marketing teams. A total of 1,300 people were trained in total, ensuring that a commitment to sustainability was integrated throughout the process.

“One Brighton shows how by working with willing partners we have been able to push the boundaries of housing delivery to create not only a great place to live for our customers, but also achieve value for wider society, the environment and our business. One Brighton provides an enduring legacy which everyone involved can be proud of.”

Stephen Stone, CEO Crest Nicholson PLC