My current focus is on the development of Oxfordshire Greentech, a low-carbon business network, and the creation of a One Planet Action Plan for Oxfordshire.

What I did before Bioregional

I studied music at the University of Oxford as an undergraduate but quickly realised my passion for climate change mitigation surpassed that for music. After a year out where I wrote for the ecology section of a parish magazine, volunteered in the advocacy department of Tearfund charity, and started a diocesan inter-church eco-project, I decided to undertake a master’s to reskill myself.

I then gained a master’s with Distinction in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex. My dissertation incorporated three months of ethnographic research in Transition Town Totnes, where I assessed the correlation between environmentally friendly behaviour and human wellbeing.

In my spare time

Outside work, I attempt poetry, am ferociously keen on playing ultimate frisbee, am somewhat alright at piano, flute, and voice, and enjoy exploratory countryside walks.

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