Bioregional is a registered charity and award winning social enterprise based in the UK, with offices in London, Oxford and Brighton. Bioregional has sister organisations or representative offices in South Africa, Canada, USA, Mexico, Greece and Australia.

John Hoadly
John Hoadly Chair More
Sarah Kemmitt
Sarah Kemmitt Treasurer More
Zoë Arden
Zoë Arden More
Ken Glendinning FRICS
Ken Glendinning FRICS More
Jonathan Griffin
Jonathan Griffin More
Hilary Jennings
Hilary Jennings More
Sarah Redshaw
Sarah Redshaw More
Jo Walton
Jo Walton More
Paul Wickham
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Kevin McCloud
Kevin McCloud Patron More
Sir Ghillean Prance
Sir Ghillean Prance Patron More

Associated Enterprises

The charity has, since it was founded in 1994, established a number of associated enterprises to develop or continue the charitable mission and in which the charity sometimes retains an interest.